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Committee Volunteers, please get together with your groups, create what you think your committees should be responsible for, get an action plan and have someone available to present your committees ideas at the next board meeting, thank you.
Volunteers for all committees are needed and welcomed.  If you are interested please email the board from the contact us page, to let us know of your interest.
Architectural Review/Covenants Violations
This committee is responsible for meeting with homeowners and reviewing their plans for any architectural changes to be made to the home or property.  All plans must be submitted to the committee for approval prior to work beginning.  This committee also is responsible for reviewing homeowner violations of the covenants and restrictions, and making recommendations to the board for final decisions.  If you do not have a copy of the covenants, please go to the links page and you can obtain one there.
The social committee is responsible for planning community events and subdivision gatherings.  Halloween marches, easter egg hunts, and community bunko teams are all welcome additions.  The purpose of the committee is to foster as sense of community among the homeowners, as well as bring neighbors closer together.
Maintanence and Landscaping  
The maintanence and landscaping committe is responsible for:  Supervision of commons, entrances and roads.